About Hawook

Why Hawook

Our vision is to simply build a trusted community around the biggest investment of most people's lives, their home.

Finding Your home

At Hawook, our objective is to help you find your perfect home. We provide a clear and simple discovery experienced with zero pressure from anyone; salespeople, advertisers, developers and brokers.

We can do this by teaming up with off the plan developers and their sales people giving them and you transparent marketplace, a single source of all information related to new property developments without the burden of advertising, where you can shop on your own schedule and developers can focus on creating amazing places we want to call home.

For most of us buying a home is the biggest investment we will ever make. We at Hawook understand, we know no one takes home buying classes at school. By building a transparent marketplace for property developments, trust and confidence becomes a standard.

We are currently in beta, which means it’s all new. A new concept, new team and a new website. Please talk with us if you have questions, suggestions or frustrations.

With Hawook.com you can search with zero pressure, get answers fast and take the next step only when you are ready. Real Homes, No Ad’s